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We want to be as diversified as possible! Whether you are a researcher, faculty member, student or practitioner, we invite you to join us. You'll be glad you did!

Happy Summer - Time to start preparing your poster submission for ABCT, 2017 in San Diego!

Summer is finally here and November 16-19, 2017 is just months away. So it's time to start preparing your poster submission for the 51st Annual ABCT Convention in San Diego. For more information about submissions and other important news about our SIG, be sure to download a copy of our newsletter by clicking here.


Our meeting in NYC was another great success!

ABCT in NYC, 2016

Again this year, we had more than 100 members at our SIG meeting - and for the first time we were in a room large enough for all to sit! The agenda included our annual report, a presentation by our Early Career Award winner (Jen Merrill) a Student Poster Session and Data Blitz by all eight students, and of course our Coffee and Social Hour (which was actually much shorter than an hour). I want to especially extend my congratulations to this year's Early Career Awardee, Jen Merrill, and the recipient of our Outstanding Student Poster Award, Ivori Zvorsky.

Our membership is up again this year. We have 150 students, post-docs, and full members. We deposited $940 to our bank account, so we now have a total of $1293.83 in the bank. This amount includes $484 in reserve for G. Alan Marlatt Mid-Career Awards, donated by Mark and Linda Sobell).

Thanks to all those who paid their dues while at ABCT in New York. If you weren't there or you didn't have enough $$$ on your person, please feel free to send a check to our past Leader and now Treasurer, made out to "ABCT SIG-AB". Here's the address:

Bruce S. Liese, PhD, ABPP
KUMC - Family Medicine
3901 Rainbow Blvd. Mailstop 4010
Kansas City, KS 66160

Please note that full members should send $20, and post-docs should send $10 for annual SIG-AB dues. Please be sure to renew your membership for 2017 if you were not at the New York meeting - we need it for awards, printing, our website, and other various expenses!

Please keep in touch. I'm looking forward to hearing from your thoughts, questions, and suggestions for our SIG.

Jeremiah Weinstock, Ph.D.
Leader, ABCT Addictive Behaviors Special Interest Group (SIG-AB)
Associate Professor
Saint Louis University
Department of Psychology
Morrissey Hall, Room 2735
St. Louis, MO 63108

Congratulations to our very
deserving 2016 award recipients:

Jen Merrill and Ivori Zvorsky

Jen Merrill (left) - Early Career Award
Ivori Zvorski (right) - Outstanding Student Poster Award


Meet our Communications Committee...

We are delighted to announce that we have formed a SIG-AB Communications Committee. This committee has already accomplished good things. For example, we now regularly recognize students and early career faculty for their work in the field of addictive behaviors.

We have created a Communications Forum where you can learn more about our student and early career awardees. This forum is also where SIG-AB members can interact with each other. Send nominations for future Students of the Month to Elly Leavens and Ivori Zvorsky for the Early Career Faculty Spotlight. We have also created an Addictive Behaviors Events Calendar where SIG-AB members can go for scheduled events relevant to our SIG and interests in addictive behaviors.

The following is a list of student Communication Committee members, along with their areas of responsibility:

Please be sure to contact any of these prople if you have any questions, recommendations, nominations, submissions, etc.!

Please be sure that you are signed up for our listserv!

In the past we've used various mechanisms to simulate a listserv (e.g., copying and pasting long lists of members into emails and Yahoo Groups) but now we have the real thing, thanks to the technological generosity of the University of Kansas. If you are a member of the ABCT SIG-AB and haven't received a post yet from our listserv, please contact me directly ( and I'll sign you up.



Upcoming ABCT Annual Convention

51st Annual Convention, San Diego - November 16-19, 2017

SIG-AB Newsletter Summer, 2017