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Faculty Interested in Taking Students*

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Name of faculty Degree Location E-mail Comments
Heidemarie Blumenthal, PhD PhD in Behavioral Science Program University of North Texas Reviewing applications, but not actively searching. Interests: Etiology of, and links between, adolescent substance use and internalizing problems. Website:
Julia Buckner, PhD PhD in Clinical Psychology Louisiana State University Research interests: psychosocial factors (e.g., anxiety) related to substance use and use-related impairment; treatment for dually diagnosed patients; ecological momentary assessment of predictors of substance use.
Kate Carey, PhD Masters of Public Health (Dept of Behavioral and Social Sciences in Public Health) Brown University We offer a masters degree (MSc or AM) in Behavioral and Social Sciences Interventions; my research interests include college drinking interventions and screening/brief interventions in community settings.
Brad Conner, PhD PhD in Counseling Psychology Colorado State University Research interests in neurogenetics, personality and temperament underlying risky and addictive behaviors. Current studies include an imaging genetics study on hypodopaminergic functioning, a nearinfrared spectroscopy study looking at differentiating impulsivity and sensation seeking, and studies on the predictors of engagement in risky and addictive behaviors.
Joseph W. Ditre, PhD PhD in Clinical Psychology Syracuse University My general research interest is in health psychology/behavioral medicine with a focus on the intersection of addictive behaviors, depression/anxiety, and comorbid medical disorders. We are currently working on two NIH-funded projects. ditrejoseph.html
Sara Dolan, PhD PhD in Clinical Psychology Baylor University My research is focused on cognitive function in persons with substance abuse and other impulse-control disorders. Baylor’s PsyD program is run like a PhD program, with a small cohort of students in a mentorship model. Students complete empirical research, and a majority obtain authorship on peer-reviewed publications.
Rob Dvorak, PhD PhD in Clinical Science North Dakota State University Research interests in substance use, self regulation, and ecological momentary interventions (
Lindsay Ham, PhD PhD in Clinical Psychology University of Arkansas Research interests in social anxiety and alcohol comorbidity; college substance abuse, alcohol and sexual assault. Lab webpage:
Jonathan Hammersley, PhD MS in Clinical or Experimental Psychology Western Illinois University I work with several master's students each year on projects relating to patterns of addictive behaviors and mental health, as well as neurobiological and psychological individual differences in smoking and other drug use.We offer a limited number of assistantships and tuition waivers within the department or on campus to Master's students.
Craig Henderson, PhD PhD in Clinical Psychology Sam Houston State University Research interests in the relation between physical activity and alcohol use and exercise-based interventions for alcohol use. Additional interests in adolescent substance abuse treatment, particularly family-based treatments.
David C. Hodgins, PhD MSc and PhD in Clinical Psychology University of Calgary Research interests in disordered gambling, brief treatment, comorbidity.
Derek Iwamoto, PhD PhD in Counseling Psychology University of Maryland College Park Research interest in diverse college students, alcohol use; the role of cultural identity and gender socialization including how masculine and feminine norm relates to alcohol use and related problems.
Elizabeth Katz, PhD MA in Clinical Psychology Towson University Research interests in addictive behaviors broadly defined including alcohol, drugs, and behavioral addictions.
Cathy Lau-Barraco, PhD PhD in Clinical Psychology; PhD - Applied Psychological Science Old Dominion University Psychosocial determinants of drinking; brief interventions; student and nonstudent emerging adult populations.
Thad Leffingwell, PhD PhD in Clinical Psychology Oklahoma State University Research interests focused on brief interventions, including Motivational Interviewing, and utilizing technology to deliver brief interventions and measure outcomes. Populations of interest include college students, tobacco users, and persons living with HIV.
Michael Madsen, PhD MA/PhD in Counseling Psychology University of Southern Mississippi Research interests include college student alcohol use and protective behavioral strategies, motivational interviewing.
Jessica Martin, PhD PhD in Counseling Psychology University at Albany Research interests in college student drinking & other addictive behaviors among college students and adults (e.g. prescription drug abuse, eating disorders).
Meghan McDevitt-Murphy, PhD PhD Clinical Psychology University of Memphis The Trauma and Coping Research Group conducts research on psychological trauma, posttraumatic stress disorder, and the ways that people cope with trauma. Interested in the co-occurrence of PTSD and substance use disorders.
James Murphy, PhD PhD Clinical Psychology University of Memphis Research interests include addictive and health risk behaviors and their mechanism of change; behavioral economic and decision making processes related to addiction, and addictive behavior change; brief interventions with young adult populations including college students and veterans.
Nora E. Noel, PhD PhD Clinical Psychology University of North Carolina, Wilmington My research interests are focused in alcoholrelated risky/coerced sexual behavior. There are 2 degree options available: 1) Clinical research in substance abuse treatment; eligible for North Carolina licensure as a master's level psychologist (LPA) AND as a clinical addiction specialist (LCAS); 2) Nonclinical master's option (designed to be a step-up program to doctoral level).
Roisin O'Connor, PhD MA/PhD in Clinical Psychology Concordia University, Montreal Research interests include personality and cognitive risk factors of young adult alcohol use.
Nancy A. Piotrowski, PhD PhD in Psychology Capella University, online This is a research PhD; it is not a clinical PhD program. Research interests focus on motivation to change, measurement, and public and professional educational issues related to a broad variety of addictive behaviors and behaviors with addictive features, as well as complicating features related to comorbid conditions.
Jennifer Read, PhD PhD in Clinical Psychology SUNY Buffalo Young adult substance use, and its intersection with trauma and posttraumatic stress. Some of this includes overlap of alcohol and sexual assault.
Jeffrey Simons, PhD PhD in Clinical Psychology University of South Dakota My research focuses on substance use behavior, from a lens of self-regulation. Much of my research examines factors that differentiate problematic from nonproblematic use.
Monica C. Skewes, PhD PhD in Psychological Science Montana State University Addictive behaviors, sexual assault prevention, ethnic minority health disparities, and community-based participatory research.
Claire Adams Spears, PhD PhD in Clinical Psychology; MA in General Psychology Catholic University of America My research focuses on mindfulness-based interventions for reducing a variety of addictive behaviors (including smoking, excess alcohol use, and overeating) in diverse populations.
Dave Stewart, PhD PhD in Clinical Psychology Seattle Pacific University Clinical research in adolescent substance abuse including: School-based intervention; Motivational Incentives; Co-occurring disorders; Minority health disparities; Implementation research
Sherry H. Stewart, PhD PhD in Clinical Psychology Dalhousie University Interests in implicit cognition, personality, motives, co-morbidity of addictive disorders with emotional disorders
Jennifer Veilleux, PhD PhD in Clinical University of Arkansas Self- and emotion-regulation with a focus on smoking and alcohol (as well as binge eating and non-suicidal self-injury).
Peter Vic, PhD and Sarah Bowen, PhD PhD in Clinical Psychology Pacific University (Oregon)
We have a new scientist-practitioner PhD program in clinical psychology at Pacific University in Oregon. The program will be admitting students for its 3rd class in 2015, and we hope to apply to APA for accreditation in 2016. The program embraces two strengths: mindfulness therapy, and behavioral neuroscience.
Jeremaih Weinstock, PhD PhD in Clinical Psychology Saint Louis University Research interests in gambling disorder and other addictive behaviors, including treatment outcome for interventions such as motivational interviewing, CBT, contingency management, and exercise.
Katie Witkiewitz, PhD PhD in Clinical Psychology University of New Mexico I am particularly interested in recruiting a graduate student who has interest or experience in latent variable modeling, neuroimaging methods (including fMRI and EEG), and/or mindfulness-based interventions.

Faculty not taking students this year

Chris Correia, PhD - Auburn University (PhD in Clinical Psychology)
Matthew Martens, PhD - University of Missouri (PhD in Counseling Psychology)
Dennis McChargue, PhD - University of Nebraska, Lincoln (PhD in Clinical Psychology)
Barbara McCrady, PhD - University of New Mexico (PhD in Clinical Psychology)
Elga Wulfert, PhD - University of Albany (PhD in Clinical Psychology)

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